What are the main Advantages/Disadvantages of Solar Energy?

Solar energy is becoming popular day by day. The solar system creates electricity without increasing pollution. Most families use it to fulfil their daily power needs. Now, many industries and manufacturing companies use solar energy for their production. This saves nature and works efficiently. But, along with this, solar energy has some Advantages/Disadvantages.

What are the main Advantages/Disadvantages of Solar Energy?

In this article, I give you brief information about solar energy. I also describe solar energy’s importance, types, advantages and disadvantages. Before, I tell you about solar energy’s advantages and disadvantages. First, you need to know about what is solar energy.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy comes from the sun and transforms it into electricity. Solar energy is extracted from the sun with solar panels. Then this electricity is stored in batteries for later use. You have to put solar panels in direct sunlight. Although it is a powerful energy source. However, solar energy is so beneficial for nature and the environment. In addition, it decreases regular electricity costs.

Types of Solar Energy:

Solar energy has two main types Solar Photovoltaic and Concentrating Solar Power. Solar panels change solar energy into a working form of energy. this process uses a PV cell containing a semiconductor material. CSP transforms sun energy from heat into mechanical energy. You can say it is solar thermal electricity.

What is the Importance of Solar Energy?

Principally, solar panels are made of solar cells. Thus, it’s responsible for manipulating energy from the sun. Also, they need the sun to induce electricity. And it’ll not produce electricity with night illumination. Solar energy is one of the world’s swift-growing energy technologies.

Subsequently, it fleetly bettered and use solar battery systems for storing electricity. Hence, it turns solar energy into effective and clean energy. Although, it’s the main source of energy. Also, utmost families use these to fulfil their daily electricity requirements.

Many cases show why you start generating electricity with your solar panels. In addition, you require to install solar panels and it’ll not take much time.

Advantages of Solar Energy:

Let’s break the ice:

1.     Does not emit hazardous gases:

The first and most important advantage of solar energy is it doesn’t emit hazardous gases. When solar systems generate electricity, they do not produce pollution. Also, it will not create any gas, smoke or harmful chemicals when it is running.

2.     Renewable energy source:

Solar energy is a renewable energy source. Most often, it is also called clean energy. Renewable energy comes from natural sources. And these sources do not run out instead they are available constantly. As we know, solar energy is a renewable source and we can not run out of this. Using solar energy instead of fossil fuels is a better choice.

3.     Reduces maintenance cost:

The solar system needs slight maintenance. Solar energy is required to keep solar system cells running. Although, solar systems do not have moving parts. That makes solar systems impossible to get damaged. In addition, Solar panels are efficient and durable. Thus, solar systems do not require a lot of maintenance. But needs cleaning one time per year.

4.     Environmentally friendly:

Solar energy is also environmentally friendly. This makes no harm to nature. Solar energy does not make harmful pollution during the electricity production process. The solar system also does not make noise. That is the reason people mostly preferred solar systems.

5.     Low utility bills:

If you use a solar panel to produce electricity for your house. Then it will decrease your utility bill. You just installed solar systems in your house. Solar energy is converted into clean energy and then stored in batteries. You run your appliances from battery power. if you have to use many heavy appliances. Then you need to use large-capacity batteries.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy:

Although solar energy is the best source of providing energy. But, along with this, it also comes up with some of drawbacks.

1.     Higher initial cost:

The solar system needs low maintenance. But purchasing a whole new solar system is much more costly. The solar system has many components such as solar panels, batteries, inverters and wires. Purchasing it is much more costly and after this, you do not need to pay for additional things.

2.     Dependent on the weather:

The solar system hugely depends on the weather. Solar system charge only when it gets sunlight. The solar system is used to convert sunlight into clean electricity. And it does not get charged if it does not get enough sunlight. Rainy and cloudy weather is not suitable for charging solar batteries.

3.     Need expensive batteries:

If you want to buy a solar system to power your whole house. This needs a powerful large capacity battery. Large-capacity batteries are expensive and stored much more clean energy. Although, low-capacity batteries are inexpensive and store low electricity. If you need to power a large space it needs a powerful battery.

4.     Manufacturing solar system cause pollution:

Solar system work without creating pollution but their manufacturing produce so much pollution. Many toxic gases are emitted into the air and destroy nature. We only talk about the solar system do not make pollution from the perspective of working. However, its manufacturing emits hazardous chemicals and gases.


How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels are approximately last 25 years. Solar panels are designed to transform sunlight into proper energy. This is used for running appliances. However, if solar panels are maintained properly their lifespan got increases. Furthermore, maintenance affects solar panel lifespan.

Can you walk on a solar panel?

No, you cannot walk on solar panels. Because solar panels are so sensitive. And it easily gets damaged if you put weight on solar panels. However, solar panels include many sensitive modules. And get damaged when weight is loaded on it.


Solar energy is the most economical and fastest energy source. Although, solar energy is an abundant power source on earth. It produces nominal emissions of greenhouse gases. In this article, I  have given you complete information about solar energy. Along with this, I have also discussed solar energy’s advantages and disadvantages.

For more detail, read the above article in dept. After reading this, you differentiate between solar energy’s pros and cons. If you have any queries related to this topic, feel free to contact me.

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