Best Generator For RV Air Conditioners For 2023

The best generator for RV air conditioners? RVs or you can say travel trucks give you luxury pleasure and also a home feel even though far from home. You have all your necessary things with you. Like you have food, a water cooler, a bicycle, a coffee maker, a red light, an air conditioner, fans, a stove, an electric kettle, a mobile phone, and a laptop. Approximately all things that make your camping great with RV. However, during camping, your comfort depends on your RV.

 Best Generator For RV Air Conditioners

What to do when you are ready for a great camping vacation and things don’t go as you planned? As you know that vacations where you want to go, always do not have the power to support your electric devices of RVs. While camping in an RV with your family, you do not need to sacrifice your comfort. Therefore, you take a portable generator with you for powering your RVs appliances. Especially, when camping in hot places where you need to use your air conditioner.

In this article, I tell you about the 8 best generators for RV air conditioners. If you are a new camper and want to power your RV air conditioner using a portable generator. I have done this for many years by using a variety of portable generators. For this, I came across some great options for you. However, my favorite generators will give you enough power for your RV air conditioner and other appliances as well.

The best generator for RV air conditioners:

Here is the list of top-rated generators, that will gently run your RV air conditioner.

1. DuraMax XP 12000EH Heavy Duty Generator RV air conditioners

Key features:

DuroMax XP12000EH Generator-12000 Watt Gas or Propane Powered Home Back Up & RV Ready, 50 State Approved Dual Fuel Electri...DuraMax XP 12000EH portable generator can power all your RV appliances at a time. With this generator, you can power your whole house or RV. Also, provide dual fuel capability and have 4 stoke engine. DuraMax can run on both propane and gas. DuraMax can run for 8 hours continuously and provide an electric start.

When using gas, the peak wattage is 12,000 and the running wattage is 9,500. Despite this, with the propane, the peak wattage is 11,400 and the running wattage is 9,025.

Its control panel has many functions. It contains an engine switch, AC breaker, recharge indicator, circuit breaker, volt meter, and DC protector.

Also, the generator comes with many accessories so you don’t need to buy these individually. It includes a product manual, DC cables, tool set, wheel kit, oil funnel, and spark plug wrench.

DuraMax portable generator for RV air conditioners has four types of outlets. First, one 120/240V 50A heavy-duty outlet. Second, one 120/20V 30A twist lock outlet. Third, one 120V 30A twist lock. And the last, two 120V20A outlets for household appliances. Ideal for home or outdoor power backup.

  • This generator provides portability
  • It also provides you with manoeuvrability
  • Has a low noise level
  • So expensive

Why it’s recommended:

First, I tested this product then find out, this is a heavy-duty portable backup generator. That can power your whole house or RV in case of a power cut.

I recommend this because of its special features. Firstly, the generator has a sensor that automatically turns off the generator when sensing low oil. This will save you fuel. Secondly, it protects your appliances from power overloads and surges.

2. Westinghouse WGen 12000 Electric Start Generator

Key features:

Westinghouse WGen portable generator can power your RVs or household appliances for a long time. This is gas-powered and uses liquefied petroleum gas fuel.

This generator has peak watts of 15000 and running watts are 12000. As a result, it transfer switch is ready with 30 amps and 58 outlets.

This Westinghouse 12000 has a 713cc OHV engine and a 10.5-gallon capacity fuel tank. Westinghouse 12000 can run for 16 hours continuously. This generator comes with an oil funnel, oil bottle, remote, 12 Voltage battery cable, and a plug wrench.

Furthermore, its control panel contains a one-touch push button start, engine on/off, automatic transfer switch, 5V DC port, data centre, main breaker, battery indicator, circuit breakers, SST switch outlet, 120V AC 20A 520R GFCI, 120/20V AC 30A L14-30R, and 120/240V 14-50R. In addition, these plugs have a rubber cover that provides safety and is best for RV air conditioners.

  • This can easily assemble
  • Also, portable
  • Easily movable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Very expensive

Why it’s recommended:

I tested the above-mentioned portable generator. As a result, I find that this is the most convenient and comprehensive portable generator for RVs. Furthermore, providing power to your sensitive household appliances.

I recommend this product because of its special features. First, it has an electric push button. From this electric push button, you can easily start your generator. Meanwhile, some regular models need a pull start. The second is the electric start remote. Which use to start the generator within 260 Feet.

3. A-iPower 2400W Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Key features:

A-iPower Portable Inverter Generator, 2400W Ultra-Quiet Powered By Yamaha Engine RV Ready, EPA & CARB Compliant, Ultra Lig...A-iPower Portable Inverter Generator is gas-powered and operates quietly. In addition, this generator is reliable, efficient, and powerful. Furthermore, it has a long lifespan and provides heat dissipation. However, it provides 2400 watts for powering your small RVs or some household items.

A-iPower generator has a Yamaha engine of 80cc that provide high performance. It has a built-in quiet technology with 52dBA that is quieter than an average conversation. Furthermore, this generator is parallel-ready by linking 2 units for doubling the power. You do not need to buy an additional parallel kit.

With this generator, you get oil, an oil funnel, a tool kit, a parallel cable, battery charging, an RV adapter, a quick start guide, and a manual. Its smart handle makes your grip strong on it. It provides clean energy for your electronic devices. Hence these will not get harmed.

Ideal for powering small RVs, or used for camping, outdoor activities, and tailgating.

  • Low noise level
  • Portable
  • Easily start
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for small RV

Why it’s recommended:

I tested this product and find out that this A-iPower 2400 generator is the best power backup solution. In case of small power needs, where the maximum peak watts limit is 2400. Afterwards, it’s a good solution for your small RV.

Without a doubt, I recommend this to you. Because of its special features. First, it has overload protection that will not damage your generator and your appliances. Second, its low oil shutdown feature will shut off your generator when detecting low oil. Third, is the CO sensor indicating light. And the last is automatic idle control.

4. Champion’s 4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter RV Generator

Key features:

Champion’s 4500 portable inverter generator has an improved design and advanced technology for powering your household appliances. It has lots of features like low noise technology, clean power, and extended running time.

The peak watts are 4500 and the running watts are 3500. This has a 4-stroke 212cc OHV engine. Also, the fuel tank has a 2.3-gallon capacity. It can run up to 14 hours continuously.

Its control panel has many features: EZ starts to dial, 12V DC 8A automotive, ground terminal, 2 parallel ports, circuit breaker, 120V AC 30A RV. Also, 20A 30A circuit breakers, 120V AC 20A, and 4 mode intelligence.

You have to purchase an additional parallel kit that connects this inverter to other champions’ inverters to double the power.

It provides clean energy for your RV devices so for saving them from damage. In addition, this generator should be very easy to maintain.

  • Super Quiet
  • Portability
  • Easy to move
  • Easily assemble
  • costly

Why it’s recommended:

I tested this product and find out that this is ideal for powering your RVs devices while in mountains.

However, I recommend this to you because of its special features. First, it’s the EZ start dialer that makes this generator easy to start. Second, this generator has cold start technology which extends your generator running time and makes it easy to read the generator fuel gauge. Thirdly, the intelligence meter can monitor voltage, frequency, and operating hours.

5. Westinghouse 4500 Remote Start Portable Inverter Generator

Key features:

Westinghouse 4500 Watt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator, Remote Electric Start with Auto Choke, Wheel & Handle Kit, RV Ready, Gas Powered, Parallel CapableWestinghouse portable inverter generator is a premium solution that fulfils your requirements whether in camping or other outdoor activities and also meets your emergency power backup. This portable inverter generator is super quiet because its noise level is 52 dB.

Although it can run on dual fuel: propane or gasoline. You can use fuel according to your choice by switching between dual fuels. You can also change the fuel type during the generator’s working state.

Its control panel contains engine shut-off, main circuit breaker, push-button electric start, mode efficiency, battery charging port, propane hooks up, and fuel selector switch. Also contains low oil, overload, and output-ready indicators lights, 5V DC USB ports with cover, overload reset parallel ports and an LED data centre.

The Led data centre shows the remaining runtime, power output, fuel level, voltage, and lifetime run hours. The control panel also has 2 AC ports: 120V 30A TT-30R outlet with cover, and 120V 20A 5-20R outlet with cover. Westinghouse is fuel efficient because of its 224cc engine.

In addition, it provides clean, safe, and stable energy to your appliances. This generator is lightweight, smart handle for grip, and has a modern design that makes it unique from traditional generators.

  • Maneuverability
  • Low noise level
  • Portability
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to start
  • expensive

Why it’s recommended:

I tested this generator and find out that this is the all-in-one solution that powers up your essential electric devices of RV while camping.

I recommend this because of many reasons. First is the electric push button that starts your generator with the remote. The range of the remote electric button is 260ft. The second is the Low oil shutdown. Which automatically turns off the system of your generator when sensing a low level of oil.

6. WEN 3800W Ultra Quiet RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator

Key features:

WEN RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator suits best while camping, hunting, tailgating, and other outdoor activities. Hence, a powerful source of electricity.

The running wattage of this generator is 3400 and the surge wattage is 3800. Its fuel tank has 2.2 gallons capacity. It has 4 strokes 212cc engine. Its running time is 8.5 hours. Also, have a fuel turn-off function that will increase the lifetime of your generator.

Its control panel includes an Eco mode switch, digital meter, electric start, parallel connection, 15A outlet (5-20R), 5 voltage of USB port, 12 DC outlet, 30A outlet, and grounding nut. It also contains a manual shut-off switch and circuit breakers. However, USB and DC ports have a rubber cover.

This generator is easy to maintain because of its fuel turn-off feature. This feature can use the remaining fuel before turning off the generator. It produces reliable, clean, and safe energy for sensitive appliances like smartphones, laptops, and LEDs. This generator has a noise level of 57 decibels. which makes it super quiet.

WEN generator can easily move because of its wheels, provide pure sine wave, and have an outlet TT-30R that allows your RV to connect with this.

  • Easily used
  • Also, portable
  • Provides manoeuvrability
  • Budget-friendly
  • Heavyweight

Why it’s recommended:

I tested this WEN portable inverter generator and find out that this is super quiet and powerful. And run your RVs essential appliances with clean energy.

I recommend this generator because of many reasons. First, its eco mode increases the generator’s lifetime. Second, its digital meter can monitor fuel consumption, voltage, output, frequency, and runtime. Third, it starts electrically. You only need to press the button to start the generator.

7. Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Solar Generator

Key features:

Jackery Explorer 1000 Solar Generator uses two solar panels of 100W with a generator for unlimited power energy. It is solar-powered and needs sunlight to produce energy. Therefore, this generator provides maximum efficiency. This generator has 4 stroke engine type.

This generator uses a lithium-ion battery and has different temperatures while working. If the generator operating, its temperature is between 14 to 104F. but if the generator is recharging, its temperature is between 32 to 104F.

Its control panel contains three AC ports of 110V, and 1000W and a digital meter that shows input and output Watts. Also, have an input port that connects your generator with solar panels. Also contain four DC outlets for two USB-C, quick charge 3.0, 5 voltage 2.4A, and 12 voltage 10A. DC outlet port has a rubber cover that protects it.

Jackery 1000 generator with 2 solar panels capacity is 1000W. Jackery explorer solar generator cannot need periodic maintenance every 5 to 6 months. Therefore, this solar generator is 40 per cent lighter than other power station generators.

Ideal for outdoor activities where an emergency backup power source is needed.

  • Lightweight
  • Easily used
  • Also, portable
  • Easy manoeuvrability
  • Unlimited power energy
  • So expensive

Why it’s recommended:

I tested this generator, and find out that this Jackery portable solar generator provides unlimited power energy for emergency backup. Although, connect your RVs with this powerful solar generator for running your essential household appliances.

I recommend this solar generator because of many reasons. First, this generator will not make noise while running. Therefore, you enjoy camping with nature. Second, it has MPPT technology that will provide 23% increased charging efficiency.

8. Pulsar Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel Generator

Key features:

Pulsar G12KBN-SG dual fuel generator is 12000W, dual powered, and its 209 pounds weight makes it so heavy. Its tank capacity is 8 gallons and has 4 stroke engine type.

With the dual fuel feature, you can choose either gasoline or LPD. When using gasoline, 12000 is peak watts and 9500 is rated watts. While using, LPG 10,800 peak watts and 8550 is rated watts. Its fuel tank capacity is 8 gallons.

Its control panel contains an engine switch, oil alert lamp, LED meter, two AC breakers of 20A, two AC breakers of 30A, and the main breaker. It also has four AC 120voltage 20A outlets, one AC 120/240 voltage 30A, and one AC 120/240 voltage 50A.

  • Also, portable
  • Provides maneuverability
  • Easily assembled
  • Valuable asset
  • Heavyweight

Why it’s recommended:

I tested this product and find out that this is a heavy, reliable, and powerful dual-fuel generator. In addition, it’s the best generator for powering your RVs whole appliances simultaneously.

I recommend this generator because of some reasons. First, it can start with an E-Start electric button. You do not need to pull start it instead just press the button for turning the generator on or off. Second, the oil alert lamps turn red when detecting low oil. Third, the LED meter displays voltage, frequency, and running hours.

Ultimate Buyer Guide:

Which type of generator is best for RVs:

Imagine if you use a non-portable generator with your RV, it will destroy your trip whole peace. Hence you become the most hated, irritating person on the campsite due to your louder generator. That’s why you need a quiet and smart generator for you and other people on the campsite.

There are different types of generators available in the market. For camping, we need a quiet, convenient, and durable generator. But for the RV it is most suitable to use portable generators. Portable generators are easily moved from one to another place. Although it can use as a backup power source for indoor or outdoor power cut emergencies. The portable generators are easy to maintain and operate with low noise. Because of its low noise level, it is quite noiseless.

In addition, some portable generators contain a smart handle that use to easily carry it. And sometimes, it has strong wheels, so you move the generator with ease.

How many watts does an RV AC use:

The air conditioners require the start and run wattage for running it. First, you have to know what is starting wattage is. The starting wattage is the initial power boost that starts your air conditioner unit. But the running wattage is the continuous electric power that keeps your air conditioner functioning properly.

Normally, starting watts are higher than running watts. your air conditioner starts and runs depending on your generator size and brand. However, below are the RV air conditioner units starting and running wattage. That helps you in finding the generator that runs your RV air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Starting Watts Running Watts
11000 BTU 1600 1010
13500 BTU 2800 1800
15000 BTU 3300 2000


Factors that must be considered while buying the right generator for your RV air conditioners:

When you want to buy a generator for your RVs electronic appliances including an air conditioner, there are some factors that you must consider. I briefly describe these factors for you so you can buy a generator according to your need.

Below is the ultimate guide for choosing the best generator for your RV air conditioner.


Cost is the main factor when purchasing the right generator for an RV air conditioner. Quality things are always expensive. Similarly, good quality generators that run RV air conditioners normally are costly. Because, as the power wattage of the generator increased, its cost also increased. Furthermore, a good quality portable generator price range is between 450$ to 1200$.


As we know, the air conditioner is one of the most power-hungry electric appliances in your surroundings. That’s why you need a generator that has enough power capacity to run your air conditioner. For your RV air conditioner, you at least need a minimum of 2000W of the generator. However, for powering whole RV appliances. you need a 12000W of generator.


The outlets of the generator are the most essential parts that are used to transfer power from the generator to appliances. The outlets can be AC or DC. Some household appliances use AC outlets and others use DC. Mostly, household appliances use 120V outlets. Moreover, the air conditioner needs a 3-prong amperage outlet.  Write down your AC voltage and amperage. Then use the generator which has high voltage and amperage than AC.

Parallel connect generators

If you want to power your critical devices all at one time, you need to double your generator power. To do this, you need to buy a new generator from the same brand where the first generator belongs. Then you use a parallel cable to connect these two generators. Some generators come with a parallel kit, but sometimes you have to purchase it individually. Although, it will maximize your generator’s overall power and efficiency.

Smart control panel

The generator control panel should be simple so that a user can easily control the generator. The control panel should be smart but not complex. Some traditional generators need a pull start but many modern portable generators have an electric start button. The smart control panel may include an engine turn-on or off switch, low oil indicator, eco mode, and LED meter for showing the voltage, output, frequency, and running hours.

Low noise level

The best generator for an RV must run quietly. Because if it makes noise while camping, it will disturb you and your family. There is a measure called decibel, which is used as the noise level of the generators. Always written on the box of the generator and the generator body. You can check this from your generator body. If it is higher than your generator is louder. But when the noise level is low, it means your generator is quiet. Quiet generator noise level is between 50 to 60 decibels.

Must Portable

If you want to go on camping and want a generator to take with you. Then you must need a portable generator because it is very easy to move from one to another place. A portable generator is easy to carry, have a compact design, and sometimes saves space. The portable generator must be lightweight because a heavy generator cannot move easily. sometimes portable generator comes with a handle for a strong grip. A portable generator is lightweight if its weight is less than 50 pounds.

Type of fuel

A generator may run on gasoline, diesel, LPG, propane, and solar. But RVs generator normally uses gasoline fuel. Many RVs supported generators can run on dual fuel. There is a choice for you between gas and propane or LPG. However, you can change the fuel type on the control panel of modern generators. Although, you can choose your generator’s fuel type according to your needs.

Efficiency of fuel

As you choose the fuel for your generator according to your needs. Now you have to check your fuel efficiency which determines how long your generator can run for power. All generators hold fuel and need refuelling. But you cannot always babysit your generator fuel. Instead, you need a generator that is fuel efficient. some modern portable generators have features that check the efficiency of generator fuel.

Size of generator

If you want to run small appliances like a laptop, mobile phone, modem or coffee maker, etc. you need a small-size generator. But if you want to use your critical devices like an air conditioner, or refrigerator you need a heavy-sized generator. You may use two small generators parallel or a heavy one. That work best to fulfil your appliance’s power needs for an emergency. In addition, carefully select the size of your generator.

How much maintenance does a portable generator need?

Normally portable generator needs low maintenance like once a year. If you treat the portable generator well, they will give you good quality. But this needs some caution.

First, you need to change the oil of your portable generator so that it works efficiently.

Second, your portable generator air filter also should change. If your portable generator air filter is dirty and you can’t see with the light on through your air filter. That means you need to change your air filter as well.

Third, you need to change your portable generator spark plugs that are in the maintenance kit. In every periodic maintenance, you need to check these plugs. If your generator engine misfire and works roughly or uses more than usual fuel your spark plugs need to be replaced.

Fourth, you have to remove the scratches from your generators and also the chipped color paint. You need to look for cracks in your generator base.

Fifth, you also have to check your portable generator’s defective parts. For repairing and replacing defective parts, you need a licensed technician.


Is running your generator for a long time without shutting it off safe?

Yes, you can safely run your generator for a long time without shutting it off. As you know, the generator is an important electric device and is used in prolonged electric power cuts. Its running time depends on its size and fuel type. If your generator has a small fuel tank, that means these generators have a limited running time due to their type and capacity. Mostly these generators can run more than 24 hrs. without turning off. If your generator has a large fuel tank and efficient motors, that means your generator can run continuously for a few weeks without turning it off.

Can storing your generator be a good habit?

Yes, caring for your generator is a good habit. Storing your generator with the proper technique makes it long-lasting. However, increase its lifespan and quality. It includes different steps. First, you need to place it where the generator does not get trip. Second, make sure, the generator won’t get any leakage. I suggest you use a professional generator box that keeps your generator safe.

Which is the best way to connect your generator with RV:

Most modern portable generator has a built-in RV-ready outlet. With this, you do not need to use adapters for connecting your RV to a generator. However, the generators that I picked up also have an RV-ready outlet. All generators have manual instruction that contains the generators while working. If you want to connect your RV to the generator, read your generator manual. Start your generator according to this. when your generator gets started wait for 2-3 minutes. Then plug in your RV power cable with the generator. Now your RV is connecting with your generator successfully. Enjoy your camping. If your generator does not have an RV-ready outlet, use can use an adapter. First, you connect this adapter to the RV power cord and then connect it to the generator.


Choosing the best generator for an RV air conditioner can be very difficult. In addition, also very important because your camping vacation peacefully depends on your RV power. When you go to a generator shop, you see different types of generators with different features. Now, you get nervous about choosing the generator. Nevertheless here, I give you an ultimate guide to the best, good quality, highly recommended, and top brand generators. In this article, I picked up some of my favorite portable generators for you. Therefore, you can easily choose between these best generators according to your requirements and desires. For more detail, read the above article in detailed. After reading this article, you can easily choose your portable generator for your RV that run your air conditioner and also other appliances. If you have any queries or suggestions related to this topic, feel free to contact us.

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