Best Outdoor Tankless Water Heater For Showers 2023

Welcome to our blog post on Outdoor Tankless Water Heater For Showers. If you’re someone who enjoys outdoor showers, then you know how important it is to have a reliable and efficient way to heat the water. Tankless water heaters are a great option for outdoor showers because they can provide a continuous flow of hot water without taking up too much space. In this post, I’ll go over Best Outdoor Tankless Water Heater For Showers and provide some tips on how to choose the right one for your needs. So grab your towel and let’s get started!

Best Outdoor Tankless Water Heater For Showers

Hot water on demand with the top outdoor tankless water heater for showers. Let’s Upgrade your outdoor shower experience with the most efficient and reliable outdoor tankless water heater.

1. GASLAND Outdoors BE158 1.58GPM Tankless Water Heater

 (best low budget Propane heater)

I installed a Gasland BE158 water heater on the exterior of our camper. I find this tankless water heater a lifesaving option. As it can convert ice-cold water into hot within a matter of seconds giving you instant on-demand hot water for quick outdoor showers. This feature inspired me the most. Moreover, it is super easy to install. Everything needed for its installation comes in the package. Let’s discuss all my findings in detail.

GASLAND Outdoors BE158 1.58GPM Tankless Water Heater

Features that make this product shine:
 This Water heater is love:

This Water heaters feature on a low budget makes it a great value. This tankless water heater has a 41000 BTU/hour energy production capacity with a 1.58 GPM rating. This is enough energy for producing hot water to suffice five people. I adjusted the temperature to 44 degrees Celsius roughly 111 degrees Fahrenheit, and this tankless water heater consistently performed well. It provided me with my ideal temperature without fluctuation and enhance my outdoor shower experience.

Advanced protection technology:

Gasland outdoor gas water heater is equipped with advanced Anti-freezing and Overheating protection technologies. These technologies not only protect your water heating system but also your friends and family whether you are using it outdoors or indoors.

In addition, Anti-freezing protection doesn’t let water accumulate in the system to avoid freezing in the cold frosty winter season. The anti-freezing protection removes residual water immediately. Overheating protection shuts off the system when water starts to exceed the desired temperature. The water heater’s heating system shuts off automatically when the temperature reaches 167 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water pressure:

While using this product we came to know that Water pressure plays a vital role in this tankless water heater’s performance. This system has automated pressure-adjusting valves. Water pressure is adjusted between 2.5 to 110 PSI. In case you are noticing performance issues you should check the water pressure.

Note: this tankless water heater is not suitable for windy and high amplitude areas above 3300 feet.

Tip: Always install this tankless water heater in areas of low wind pressure for the best output.

  • Best cheap product.
  • Weather regulating burners.
  • LED display.
  • Anti-freezing and over-heating protection.
  • Sudden hot water shock sometimes.

Why should you buy the GASLAND Outdoors BE158 1.58GPM Tankless Water Heater?

The GASLAND Outdoors BE158 1.58GPM tankless water heater is a more affordable option within the tankless water heater market, making it a budget-friendly choice for some consumers. Tankless water heaters can be more expensive upfront than traditional storage tank water heaters. You should buy these tankless water heaters because they are cost-effective in the long run.  You can get heated water as needed, rather than constantly keeping a large tank of water hot.

2. Camplux Digital Display Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater

( best outdoor tankless water heater)

For people who spend a lot of time camping, the Camplux 16L outdoor tankless water heater is a reliable choice for an outdoor shower. I found this product to be one of the most exciting and feature-rich options for outdoor showers. It’s perfect for use at campsites, cabins, and RVs.Not only is this tankless water heater great for taking showers, but it also provides plenty of hot water for washing your dog, horse, or car.

Camplux Digital Display Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater

Features that make this product shine:
Easy installation:

I appreciate that the device is super easy to install, it only takes 5 minutes to install your tankless water heater. The best part is that all the necessary components for installation come with this device

Tip: To avoid gas leakage never use twine tape, because your tankless water heater may catch fire. Instead, make sure to check gas leakage before starting the operation.

Unique heating mechanism:

The unique heating mechanism of the Camplux 16L outdoor tankless water heater includes stainless steel burners and tinned copper heat exchangers that minimize heat loss, resulting in an impressive 88.5% thermal efficiency. With 110,000 BTU per hour producing burners, this product can provide an on-demand hot water supply. Additionally, its 4.22-GPM flow rate is higher than other tankless water heaters I reviewed, making it ideal for luxurious outdoor showers.

Anti-freezing protection:

An anti-freezing drain plug is present that drains extra water. This feature prevents water from freezing in the tankless water heater during cold weather, ensuring long-term maintenance.

Overheating protection:

The gas supply automatically cuts off when the water temperature reaches 167 °F, this automation protects the system from damage.

Power efficient:

Advanced combustion technology with 11000 BTU/hour gives you an endless On Demand hot water supply with lesser consumption of gas. 11.5 % energy-saving technology will give you net savings on gas bills.

  • 11.5 % thermal efficiency.
  • Maximum flow of hot water.
  • Multiple inbuilt device protection features.
  • Maximum power output.
  • Digital temperature display.
  • No batteries included.

Why should you buy the Camplux Digital Display Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater?

You should go with the Camplux Digital Display Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater because it is a reliable and efficient option for those in need of an outdoor tankless water heater for their shower. This tankless water heater is designed for outdoor use and is compact, making it easy to install and transport.

3. Noritz NR50ODNG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater 

                                                ( best portable Natural Gas Water Heater )

I used Noritz NR500DNG outdoor tankless water heater while I was camping with my friends in Bass River State Forest. We were using our friend’s RV for camping purposes. Initially, his residential vehicle has a built-in traditional water heater that was not working efficiently. So finally, we replaced that traditional tank water heater with a Noritz outdoor tankless instant water heater. That proved a good decision. We found Noritz a good camping companion. It never disappointed us in terms of performance.

Noritz NR50ODNG

Features that make this product shine:
High efficiency with Endless hot water supply:

We discovered the Noritz NR500, a high-efficiency, a tankless instant water heater that is perfect for outdoor showers. This device uses natural gas as fuel and can heat 5 gallons of water per minute, providing a continuous supply of hot water.

The Noritz NR500 is a great choice for an easy, efficient, and luxurious outdoor lifestyle. It is highly efficient and can save on fuel expenses and water usage. In short, we find this product to be portable, energy-saving, and innovative.

Ideal for outdoor showers:

You can enjoy your luxurious outdoor showers by using this tankless water heater. This tankless water heater has a maximum of 120,000 Btu/h burners and can provide a 5.0 GPM instant and non-stop water supply, making it perfect for use during your camping trips. You can even bathe your horses and dogs too.

  • Highly efficient.
  • Portable and best for outdoor.
  • Easy installation.
  • Natural gas as fuel
  • Parts are easily available.
  • A separate valve is required.

Why should you buy the Noritz NR50ODNG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater?

The NR50ODNG is designed for outdoor installation, so it takes up less space than traditional tank water heaters. This makes it a good option for people with limited indoor space. you should buy this tankless water heater because it provides you with an endless supply of hot water for your outdoor shower.

4. Rheem Outdoor Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

                                                   ( Best Efficient Natural Gas Water Heater)

I have built outdoor showers and love taking hot showers under the stars, all thanks to this tankless water heater. I bought the Rheem 8.5GPM outdoor tankless water heater for my outdoor shower and have found it to be a great performing and reliable device. And I found Rheem tankless outdoor water heater a great working and committed-to-performance device. What I have found to be impressive about the Rheem 8.5 GPM outdoor tankless water heater is explained in detail below.

Rheem Outdoor Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

Features that make this product shine:
Save money, energy, water, and space:

This unit from the Rheem series is a high-quality mid-efficiency gas-fired tankless water heater, designed for continuous hot water supply. This device heats water only when it is required in this way it cuts down the excess energy wastage. In addition, water saving setting is also present both of these features led to money savings by reducing bills. Moreover, this device is space-saving too as it can be installed outside of your home too.

Convenient control:

With the remote control system, you can easily and conveniently adjust the temperature of your water heating system from 85 ˚F to 140˚F. The remote also allows you to turn the system on or off with the press of a button. Plus, it’s convenient to be able to control your device remotely.

Digital display:

This tankless water heater has the additional feature of a digital display. If your instant tankless water geyser needs maintenance or service this will be displayed on the display screen.

Note: call a professional technician for installation.

  • Recirculation pump.
  • Plenty of hot water supply.
  • Freeze protection up to -30 degrees.
  • 82% efficiency.
  • Active at a low flow rate even at 0.26-GPM.
  • Bit pricey but worth it.

Why should you buy the Rheem Outdoor Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater?

You should go with Rheem tankless water heater because it uses natural gas as a fuel source, which is generally more energy efficient than electric water heaters. Natural gas also tends to be more affordable than electricity in many areas, which can result in lower energy costs.

5. Rinnai RL94eN Non-Condensing Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

                                ( best Wi-Fi connectivity water heater )

Ronnie non-condensing Gas tankless water heaters are premium tankless water heaters for outdoor showers. These are perfect for outdoor installations.

I connected this tankless water heater with my phone via a Wi-Fi connection. That was the most amazing feature I found in this device. Wi-Fi connection makes it easily control able while using your phone and you can control the temperature of your water.

Another feature that inspires me the most is that this device can be installed on unusual and non-traditional places like crawlspaces and attics.

Rinnai RL94eN Non-Condensing Heater

Features that make this product shine:
 Compact size:

The Rinnie non-condensing natural gas water heater has a small and sleek design, about the size of a small suitcase, and can fit in a variety of spaces.

On-Demand, plenty of hot water supply:

Despite its compact size, the Rinnie tankless water heater can provide up to 9.8 gallons of hot water per minute, ensuring a continuous supply of hot water for outdoor showers. It’s also versatile enough to be used for tasks such as washing dishes, laundry, car washing, horse washing, and even dog baths.

Professional installation:

This outdoor tankless water heater has advanced features, but it’s important to have a professional and qualified technician install it. You can use the Rinnie PRO page to find a reliable technician in your area.


The Rinnie tankless water heater comes with a warranty card that indicates it is durable and lasts twice as long as other competitor devices.

  • Energy saving.
  • Wi-fi connection.
  • 9.4 GPM.
  • Smart, Durable Design.
  • Non-condensing technology.
  • Pricy but not a deal-breaking as its performance is worth every penny.

Why should you buy the Rinnai RL94eN Non-Condensing Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater?

We recommend buying the Rinnai RL94eN Non-Condensing Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater may be a good option for homeowners who are looking for an energy-efficient and continuous hot water solution that is also environmentally friendly. It’s important to consider the size of your home and your hot water needs before making a purchase to ensure that you get a properly sized unit.

Tips to choose the right tankless water heater:

Here are some tips for choosing the right outdoor tankless water heater for your showers:

  1. Consider your hot water needs: The size of the water heater you need will depend on how much hot water you use and how quickly you need it. Consider factors such as the number of showers you take, the size of your household, and any other hot water appliances you have (such as a dishwasher or washing machine).
  2. Look for an energy-efficient model: Tankless water heaters are generally more energy efficient than traditional tank water heaters, as they only heat water as it is needed. Look for a unit with a high energy efficiency rating, such as an Energy Star® certified model, to save on energy costs.
  3. Consider the fuel type: Outdoor tankless water heaters are available in a variety of fuel types, including natural gas, propane, and electric. Choose a fuel type that is readily available and cost-effective in your area.
  4. Check the warranty: Make sure to check the warranty offered by the manufacturer before purchasing an outdoor tankless water heater. A longer warranty period can provide added peace of mind and protection against potential issues.
  5. Choose a reputable brand: Look for a reputable brand with a history of producing high-quality water heaters. Read customer reviews and ratings to get an idea of the performance and reliability of different models.

Overall, it’s important to consider your hot water needs and budget, as well as the fuel type and energy efficiency of the water heater, when choosing the right outdoor tankless water heater for your showers.


In conclusion, an outdoor tankless water heater can be a great solution for providing hot water for showers and other outdoor uses. These units are energy efficient, as they only heat water as it is needed, and they can provide an endless supply of hot water. Above the list the GASLAND Outdoors BE158 1.58GPM Tankless Water Heaters are compact and easy to install, making them a good option for homes with limited space. Moreover, this one is a budget-friendly water heater.

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