Best Quiet Generator 5000 Watts for 2023

As you know that Quiet Generator 5000 Watts is always a great source of emergency electricity backup. If you are out of power in your home or job site, the generator is an ideal choice to fulfil these requirements. You can also carry them as run power tools while you are RVing, camping, or off-grid living. As the general perception of generators is that they are very loud in sound but many types of generators are quiet in noise.

Best picks for quiet generator 5000 watts

The low-sound generators are usually producing noise levels of less than 60 dB. This noise level is considered to be the sound of quite a generator. This is good for lowering noise pollution because different homeowners’ associations and cities do not allow the sound of a generator upper 75 decibels.

Here in this article, I am going to tell you the best 8 picks for a quiet generator of 5000 watts. I have done detailed research and then made a list of these products of quiet generators. At the end of the article, I will tell you my personal best pick from all these products.

Best 8 picks for quiet generator 5000 watts

1-A-iPower AP5000V quiet generator 5000 watts

A-iPower AP5000V quiet generator 5000 watts

The A-iPower AP5000 is a generator that will provide 4,000 watts of running power with 5,000 watts of starting power.  This is a product that can conveniently & easily access to reach and control the control panel. This generator has a TT-30R RV outlet for this purpose with the help of an OHV engine of 223cc.

So, when you combine these 2 things then it will be a high-output and efficient designed generator. This amazing portable generator can deliver more peak wattage for appliances and motor-driven tools. Generally, the appliances include a refrigerator, lights, a fan, and a pump that can be powered up at the same time.

The A-iPower AP5000V has a 5000-Watt with fuel type of Gas Powered. This is a beautifully designed portable generator that is available in orange and black. 

Key Features
  • Performance Series Engine
This product has a great performing series engine of 223cc OHV engine. This engine works very well due to its low Oil Shutdown and cast Iron Sleeve.
  • High Output

The generator of this brand has 5,000 starting watts with 4,000 running watts which helps him to work very well. This also helps your generator to not become overloaded.  

  • Noise Level

As I am telling you about the quiet generator then here it is important to discuss the noise level of this product. So, the noise level of this product is 58 dBA which is not too much. That means it is also a quieter generator.

  • AC Outlets

As this product has complete properties due to its 30A-120/240 Twistlock & standard 20A – 120V household duplex. This is a type of Heavy Duty Frame Construction that is Built tough with a durable powder coat finish.

  • Portable Design & Easy to transport

This generator has an amazing and portable design which is also easy to handle due to its folding handle and wheels. So, you can easily carry it and transport it from one place to another.

  • Shipping was fast

  • Made well

  • The unit is easily put together

  • Excellent generator for the money

  • Amazing Maneuverability & Portability

  • Truly a lifesaver due to great working

  • Description of product not accurate

  • Louder than expected for being an investor.

Why should you use this product?

You should use this product for its amazing Run Time.  Because the run time of this generator is about a 4-gallon fuel tank that will help you to run for an extended time of 13.5 hrs. This run time can be covered if your generator is working at 25% load. This product also has a Digital Hour Meter which is good for reading quick and easy run times.

2-Honda 663640 EM5000SX 5000-Watt Generator

Honda 663640 EM5000SX 5000-Watt Generator

Honda Power 5000-Watt Generator has a greater ability to sets a new standard for Equipment which is also portable in design. The EM5000SX is a nice model of Honda product that can operate many kinds of appliances, making it perfect for portable use at home, camping, on the job site, or much more.

The Honda 663640 EM5000SX is a 5000-Watt and 389cc engine. This portable generator with Co-Minder is the best choice for you. This is a generator that is gasoline fuel type with a weight of 232 Pounds. The engine type of the generator is 4 stroke which has a frequency of 50 Hz.

This is not a fuel dual but this is good without this option because of the tank volume of 6.2 gallons. So, here I will tell you the more regarding features of these generators. 

Key Features
  • Product Dimensions

The dimension of this product is 41.1 x 27.8 x 30.5 inches which are useful for its looks and use.

  • Power Source & fuel type

The power source of this quiet generator is gas-powered that a reason that this is working on the fuel type of gasoline. This is a product that is working at its peak level due to its gasoline fuel type. And this is a source that is not too much expensive compared to other fuel sources.

  • Full manufacturer warranty

This brand is offering you a full manufacturing warranty then you can easily exchange or replace it for better working.

  • Assembly is super easy

  • Honda will start on the first crank

  • A great generator due to warm and safe

  • It starts up just lightly slap the rope mechanism housing

  • Little bit overpriced

  • Everything was included except fluids

Why should you use this product?

You should use this product for PGE shuts feature. Because this generator also includes PGE shuts to power off for fire danger which is very important for protection and safety from fire danger.

3-Honda EB5000 quiet generator 5000 watts

Honda EB5000 quiet generator 5000 watts

The Honda is also providing a wide range of power tools including generators are also included. Their generator is considered to be quieter as compared to other brands’ generators. And they are also claiming that they will serve you more power with the same legendary quality.

The EB5000 is also a product model of Honda which is considered amazing due to its superb durability and reliability. This product is working on 120/240-Volt which is useful for Industrial generators. This generator is coving supply of 49 states with a CO-MINDER feature. The sound level of the generator is 72dB which is quiet in sound. 

Key Features
  • High output

The highest output of this generator is 7,000 watts for 10 secs which is provided industrially to start larger equipment. So, I will recommend you this generator for commercial or industrial use. 

  • Power Source & fuel type

The power source of this generator is Corded-electric with the fuel type of gasoline. This fuel type will work efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • OSHA worksite compliant

You can do complaints on the OSHA worksite complaint that will help you to meet job site emission and safety requirements. 

  • Run time

The run time of this generator is about 10.5 hrs which will be utilized when the fuel tank is full. 


The Co Minder is a technology that is an advanced carbon monoxide detection system that also helps you with your safety and protection. 

  • Works Great

  • Quieter & durable

  • Perfect dimensions

  • Easy to assemble and start

  • Little bit heavier

Why should you use this product?

You should use this product for its full GFCI protection. Because the GFCI is a less expensive device that is installed for protection from serving electrical shocks. This is already built-in power cord and electrical system 

4-DuroMax XP4850EH Generator-4850 Watt 

DuroMax XP4850EH Generator-4850 Watt 

As DuroMax brand has an exceptional ability to build the generator and their accessories by keeping power and durability in their mind. The DuroMax has a model named XP4850EH which is famous for its durability and portability generators. This generator unit is providing power in a dual fuel package that is generally available in the units of home standby stationary.

This generator has a running power of 4850 watts that will work on gas or propane. This is powered by an electric start which is easy to use. This is the best option for outdoor grid off camping & RV Ready.

This product is available about in 50 states as the best and well approved dual fuel and portable generator. This is available in green and black colours which make it beautiful in design. The frequency of the sound of this generator is 60 Hz which also comes in the list of quieter generators. 

Key Features
  • Plenty of Power

This product has plenty of power with 4,850 starting watts and 3,850 running watts. Due to its power level, this unit can handle all kinds of heavy loads that include lights, home air conditioners, refrigerators, and high-amperage power tools.

  • Dual Fuel Technology

This generator can work on dual fuel technology which means runs on gasoline or propane. This feature is giving you flexibility & freedom of fuel choice.

  • Powerful Engine

The DuroMax has an OHV engine of 210cc which is the source of plenty of power to handle multiple jobs. These jobs may vary from heavy-duty power tools to powering high-voltage appliances.

  • Fully Featured Power Panel

The power panel included in the power panel of this generator with a wide selection of outlets for maximum compatibility with applications. This compatibility mainly includes 2 120V household GFCI outlets with one of 120/240V 30A twist lock outlet. The panel also has a voltmeter and 12V DC charging posts for the charging of external batteries. 

  • Good dual fuel generator with a versatile engine

  • Great Maneuverability  & Portability

  • Perfect condition and easy to assemble

  • It great generator at a greater price

  • Amazing customer service

  • Lightweight & Quiet

  • Pay No attention to instructions and guide

Why should you use this product?

You should use this product for its MX2 Technology. Because this product is also providing MX2 Technology to get the maximum power from every one of the 120-volt receptacles. You can also choose the desired operating option which is 120V and 240V together or only at 120V  with full power. This is an ideal option for usage with RVs. 

5-WEN 56475 4750-Watt Portable Quiet Generator 

WEN 56475 4750-Watt Portable Quiet Generator 

The WEN is a brand of Inverter Generator who are providing clean energy, free of voltage spikes and drops, and low noise level as compared to the other generator.

This product is also featured for low-oil shutdown, electric start, overload protection to maximize safety, and an automatic voltage regulator. This brand is offering CARB & EPA III to meet requirements for the sale that will meet according to all 50 states’ requirements. 

This generator includes a high-quality wheel kit with foldable handles which will help you to transport it easily. This is a powerful generator because of a 223cc engine that can provide about 4750 surge watts and 3750 rated watts. The frequency of the sound of this generator is 60 Hz which is also not louder. 

Key Features
  • Features electric start

This is an amazing device due to its features of overload protection to maximize safety, low-oil shutdown, and an automatic voltage regulator. 

  • Easy to move

This generator includes the wheel kit and foldable handles that will help you to move for generator without any problem. 

  • 223cc engine

The 223cc engine of this brand generator will provide you great surge watts of 4,750 and 3,750 rated watts. This power of the engine also leads to work more efficiently and cost-effectively. 

  • Easy to assemble

  • Electric start is awesome

  • Works immediately every time

  • Amazing Maneuverability

  • It’s very easy to start and runs solid

  • Great Value for money

  • The noise level was surprisingly low

  • Funnel and oil included

  • The auto start requires a neutral battery line hookup

Why should you use this product?

You should use this product due to its Digital readout. Because of this product, the digital readout is also available in this generator which will help you to manage oil changes and maintenance schedules. So, this can beware you earlier from any damage. 

6-Westinghouse 4650 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Westinghouse 4650 Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

The Westinghouse is a famous brand that has an amazing model. This is a model which is able in providing 4650 watts with the feature of dual fuel.  Moreover, this is a portable generator that is also based on the remote electric start with Auto Choke.

This is a generator that you can use due to its RV Ready 30A Outlet that will work properly for power movement. This Gas & Propane Powered generator has a CO Sensor which will keep you protected and safe from carbon dioxide poising. 

Key Features
  • Total Wattage

The total wattage depends on 4650 Peak Watts and 3600 Rated Watts of Gasoline. But the 4650 Peak Watts and 3240 Rated Watts are available on Propane.

  • Run time of generator

The great run time of the generator is depending on 4 Gallons in Fuel Tank that with is more valuable due to Fuel Gauge. The Electric Push Button and Remote Start is also amazing feature.

  • 212cc Westinghouse 4-Stroke OHV Engine

The generator is of 4-Stroke OHV & 212cc Westinghouse Engine with a long-lasting cast iron engine sleeve.  This product also contains an automatic low oil Shutdown and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Shutdown options. 

  • Plug-and-Play

This generator is a type of generator that will come with oil, a user’s manual, an oil funnel, a tool kit, and minimal assembly requirements. 

  • Functionally Tested

All Westinghouse Portable Generators including this product are functionally tested in the Factory. So, you can trust them and purchase this brand with 3-Year Limited Service.  

  • Easy to assemble

  • Amazing Tech & Customer Support

  • Duel fuel generator from gas to propane

  • Easy to start up with remote

  • Best for small Camping

  • Quiet, Simple & Nice design

  • Little bit Heavy

Why should you use this product?

You should use this product due to its Intuitive Control Panel feature. The intuitive control panel consists of three main outlets. In this generator, these outlets are an RV-Ready TT-30R 30 Amp Outlet, an L5-30R 30 Amp Outlet, and 5-20R 120V Duplex Outlet. 

7-Champion Power Equipment 200988 4500-Watt 

Champion Power Equipment 200988 4500-Watt 

Since 2003 Champion Power Equipment had an essential place in the industry of the production and designing of amazing power equipment. This brand has headquarters in California but this is also expanded to Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Canada.

This brand is mainly producing engines, home standby generators, winches, portable generators, and inverter generators. So, here I also discuss a product that contains all these features.

The Champion is offering a Power Equipment which is named as 200988 of 4500-Watt. This dual-fuel generator is RV ready portable inverter generator that is depending on an electric start. As all know that the electric starting of any generator is easy and durable to use. 

Key Features
  • Dual fuel

This dual-fuel generator can operate with the 4500-watt portable generator on gasoline or propane. This generator unit can also hold 0.6-quarts of oil with a low oil shut-off sensor to tell the quantity of oil.

  • Electric start

The electric starting of any generator is easy and durable to use. But if a battery is included with a quick touch panel that will allow you to access all your controls in one spot and at the same time. 

  • Quite an operation

This generator is working with quite an operation because its sound volume is only 61 dBA. And this is a low noise level which is also perfect for tailgating, RVs, different outdoor projects, and backup power for your home.  This generator is featuring 3500 running watts and 4500 starting watts. This given watt can be utilized for up to 14 hours of run time if this is running on gasoline fuel type. 

  • Clean power

If you want clean power then you should use this product because this contains RV Ready with a 120V 30A RV, a 12V DC outlet with a dual USB adapter, and two 120V 20A household outlets.

  • Champion support

The Champion brand includes a 3-year limited warranty for all their products. They also provide free lifetime technical support from professionals and experts.

  • Amazing Maneuverability & Portability

  • Represent good value for money

  • Low Noise level

  • Easy to switch the dual fuel option from the dial

  • It started first pull

  • A tool kit including a funnel

  • Very straightforward to set up

  • This generator runs better on premium gas as compared to propane

Why should you use this product?

You should use this product for its Quiet operational feature. This generator is working with quite an operation because its sound volume is only 61 dBA. And this is a low noise level which is also perfect for tailgating, RVs, different outdoor projects, and backup power for your home.

8-Generac 6864 quiet generator 5000 watts

Generac 6864 quiet generator 5000 watts

The 6864 model of Generac`s quiet generator 5000 watts is an ideal product to bring power whenever you want. This can be used on tailgating parties or camping trips. This is an example of a great portable product that is specially designed in an engineered environment. Because this product is made for easy portability to utilize all 5000 to 5500 watts of power.

This quiet generator is the kind of portable generator that can generate more power. As this product has 5000 running watts and 5500 starting watts. With the fuel type of diesel, this portable generator can produce ultra-clean power which will be capable of safely powering sensitive electronics.

This is also a kind of generator that is famous for its lower noise level which is 95 dB. This is also 32 hours of run time but this is a little bit heavier.

Key Features
  • Durable

This generator is made of a durable and fully welded steel frame that will keep him from any scratches or any harm. 

  • Industrial-grade diesel engine

This is a generator of Yanmar LW Series 435cc that can also do an air-cooled direct injection to prevent it from overheating. 

  • Generator life and maintenance 

In general, the generators that are Diesel power sourced then require less maintenance. So, this is the reason that this generator is more efficient, and provides a long life of the generator. 

  • 24 hours of good run time

  • Great replacement or backup and fits the right

  • Work better with a battery

  • This generator is significantly louder than the equivalent power gas generator

  • Heavy to move or lift

Why should you use this product?

You should use this product for this generator True Power Technology. Because this generator can provide total harmonic distortion lower than 5% for smooth and clean operation of sensitive electronic appliances and tools. 


Can a 5000-watt generator run a house?

Yes, a 5000-watt generator can run a house because it has a significant amount of power for the home appliances to work perfectly.

What is the quietest 5000-watt generator?

A-iPower AP5000 is one of the quietest generators has the noise level of this product is 58 dBA which is not too much. That means it is also a quieter generator.

Which generator is the quietest?

The Quietest Inverter Generator is manufactured by Honda which is the Honda EU2200i with a power of 2,200W and a volume level of 48 dB.

Why are Honda generators so quiet?

As Honda’s inverter generators are generators that are substantially made quieter as compared to traditional models. The inverter generator can reduce the noise level Because its engine is not continually running at full speed and capacity. That is the reason that the Honda generators are much quieter.

How many dB is a quiet generator?

If your generators produce less sound then its means they are quieter generators. The lower than 60 dB noise levels show that these are quiet generators. In some places, more than 72 dB of sound from the generator is not allowed then these generators are the best choice for you.


As there are many best and great products that are making your life easier and less noisy due to their low noise level. One of the quieter products is the A-iPower AP5000 from my list of 8 products.

A-iPower AP5000 is the Best Quiet Generator at 5000 Watts because this has the noise level of this product is 58 dBA which is not too much. Besides this feature, this product has more qualities that also make this product my top pick.

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