Best Solar Generator For Off-Grid Living for 2023

Here, is a guide about selecting Solar Generator For Off-Grid Living. A solar generator is a technical device that is a combination of solar panels and portable power. This can convert solar energy into electrical power. This energy is directed from solar panels.
Then this solar energy is stored in a lithium battery for later use when you required it. If you have a solar generator, this is a great source of an emergency backup. But it is also very important to know which one is the best solar generator for off-grid living.
These solar generators can make you experience RV trips, camping, boating, and grid-off living. Because these solar generators contain batteries, portable solar panels, and battery chargers. These will capture and then store solar energy from the sun.

Best Solar Generator For Off-Grid Living

 The best solar generators for an off-grid living have many amazing features. These are great battery timing, a versatile power source, extreme portability, and a safe and steady power supply. Now in this article, I will tell you the best 8 solar generators that are useful as you need.
I have mentioned here about 8 products of solar generators. These will help you with your grid of living or any kind of camping. These products are below:

1- Jackery Solar Generator Explorer 240 for Outdoors

The Jackery is a solar generator industry which is founded in 2012 in California. The Jackery industry is a global topper industry in selling solar generators. They are also the founders of the solar generators industry. Then it is true because this is a pioneer industry.
The solar generators of Jackery have a power source with AC, solar panels, and a carport. This generator has great dimension for use which is 9.05″L x 5.24″W x 7.87″H. 
This is a well-recognized brand because it is famous for between 100 authorized media and over 2 million users. They always claim that their products are very affordable, portable, and solar-powered products.
Here, I am describing the model named as 240Wh with Emergency Backup Lithium Battery on 110V/200W. This is available in black color which makes its design more attractive.
Key Features
  • Buy with Confidence: This solar generator is a great product of Jackery with the explorer 240 portable power station. Thus, for outdoor use, this portable power station is best.
  • Easy to Carry: This product is available with a lithium-ion battery pack that weighs only 6.6 pounds. So, this is the reason that you can carry this for an outdoor trip, camping, or tent camping.
  • Green Power Supply:  The power station of the Jackery solar generator can be easily recharged by Solar Saga 60 or 100 solar panels. If you can also use an MPPT controller which is already built up for the operation of solar panels at its maximum level. This generator also has amazing efficiency to recharge by two different methods. These methods are known as the car outlet charging method or the wall outlet method.
  • What You Get: You will get one Jackery Explorer 240 portable power station with one AC adapter. This generator also includes one car charger cable and a user guide. This will help you use this generator more efficiently.
  • Low Noise level
  • Extreme Portability Feature
  • Great Value for money
  • Highly recommended for outdoor trips
  • Ideal For working out
  • Not best for devices that are over 200W.
  • Not as useful for cooking.
Why should you use this?
You should use this solar generator for its Versatile Power Source feature. Because, this versatile power source feature includes a Pure Sine Wave AC outlet, one 12V DC car port, and 2 USB-A ports.  These all power sources can help you to charge things like laptops, fans, smartphones, cameras, and lights during road trips or camping.

2- ECO-WORTHY Solar Generator For Off Grid

ECO-WORTHY Solar Generator For Off Grid

The ECO-WORTHY brand is started in 2007 for the making of solar generators, panels, batteries, Charge controllers, inverters, and other solar system accessories. They are working to provide the best solar products at less cost to enjoy the life of grid living.

They are also providing 1200 foldable solar panels with 3-meter cables, 2 kickstands, and 4 buckles. These are good for shade and help to keep away heat. If this gets 4 hours of sunshine, then this product generated 500WH per day with two solutions for battery or solar generators. 

Key Features

  • Upgraded 120w portable solar panel: ECO-WORTHY has an upgraded 120w portable solar panel that is weighing only 9 pounds. This is ideal for camping, hiking, travel trailer, van, RV, and unexpected power outages. This has very easy to store and move.
  • Provides overcharge protection: The 20A built-in LCD solar charge controller is giving overcharge protection for the reduction of the fire risk., Because of its compatibility with your boat, RV, and travelling you can use it.
  • Get up to 25% Sunlight: This generator is made in a kickstand that allows you to have up to 25% more solar energy as compared to the flat laying. It has also a 3 meters cable which allows the solar panel to accompany the sun. So, without worrying about a power station or overheating you can use it easily.
  • Warranty: The ECO-WORTHY brand is giving you 12 months of customer service which is available 7×24 hrs. So, you can ask any useful question about your product for better use of that product.
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy, powerful, and portable
  • Setup is minimal
  • Works amazing even with different power station
  • Need improvements in Design
Why should you Buy this?
You should buy this product due to its best feature of 10 DC Adapters for 95% of the Power Station. If I compare it with 8mm of Jackery,  5.5mm of Flatfish, and 5.5mm of Rockpals, this product has great 10mm Dc adapters for about 95% of the power station.

3- Jackery Solar Generator 300 for Outdoors 

The Jackery Solar Generator 300 has a backup of 293W/h Lithium Battery. This product has a  Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet of 110V/300W for Outdoors Camping, Traveling, and Hunting for Emergency backup. This is also very lightweight due to its weight of 7.1 Pounds.

This generator charging time is also amazing with a wall outlet and a car outlet source. The Jackery Solar Generator 300 is good for charging laptops, drones, and cameras.  You can also use it for 4.5 hours of the mini cooler. 

Key Features

  • Green power supply: This generator has a green power supply which has a power station that is compatible with the Jackery Solar Saga 100 solar panel. The solar generator with solar panels set has an integrated MPPT controller that can operate at its maximum power. This maximum power can help to speed up the battery recharge, and overland journey with power kits for tent camping.
  • Safe and Steady Power Supply: This has a lithium-ion battery pack of 293W/h. This also has a feature AC outlets of 2 Pure Sine Wave that deliver safe and stable power of 300W. The weight of this portable power station is 7.1 pounds that’s why this is too light.
  • Power your Expectations: This product has more power due to the one fast charge 3.0 port, two AC outlets, one USB-A port, one PD 60W USB-C port, and one DC car port. The amazing thing about this generator is the power station. This generator can recharge itself and also charge more than 6 devices like Drones, Cameras, and MacBooks.  After all that this can also fulfil lots of your outdoor needs.
  • What you Get: This solar generator has a package that includes one Jackery Explorer 300 Portable Power Station, one car charger cable, one Solar Saga 100 Solar Panel, one user guide, and one AC adapter.
  • Best for a stormy night with no power
  • The battery alone could go 2 nights
  • Fully Charged in 3 hours
  • works perfectly on clear days and even without solar panel
  • Handy but not powerful
Why should you use this?

You should use this product due to its Speed up your Rechargeability feature. This generator takes 2 hours to recharge its 80% battery. You can recharge it through a 60W PD USB-C port and the wall outlet. This power station can also with an AC adaptor.

4- Nature’s Generator Gold System Off-Grid Generator 

Nature's Generator Gold System Off-Grid Generator 

For free and natural ways to generate electricity, the Nature’s Generator is an ideal option for this purpose. These two ways mainly include wind and solar power.

This Nature’s Generator Gold System has the power to work with a Nature’s Generator Power Panel to generate energy. After generating the electrical energy this will be transferred and stored in the internal battery.

So, you can use this energy for everyday household electronics that can convert the 12-Volt power to 120-Volt. This product can give a run time of 720 Watt-hours. So, this can be a powerful and useful backup for the home.

This generator also has power panels that can keep this charged. The supplies of Nature’s include 100W Solar panels, Gasless Refrigerators, and an output wattage of 1800 Watts

Key Features
  • Internal 60 AH battery: This Nature’s Generator is built-in with a Pure Sine Wave Inverter of 800W. This contains an Internal battery of 60 AH. It will help you to produce about 720 watt hours which is the total output. And this output is always given on a single charge.
  • Generator Power Panel with built-in wheels: The generator system has a Polycrystalline Power Panel of 1 by 100W. It also has built-in wheels for easy movement and transport. This also has a power panel cable of 50ft that will help you in easy connection to the Power Panel and then the generator.
  • A built-in 600-Volt/175 Amp expansion port: This generator has 3 by 120V AC outlets with a back panel. This back panel is built with an expansion port of 600-Volt/175 Amp for the unlimited connection of power pods.
  • Well manufactured generator
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Perfect solar generator for night
  • Great investment
  • A little bit heavy
Why should you use this?

You should use this product for a light-up LCD screen. Because the front of this Generator has a light-up LCD screen that provides you with a view of the information charging status, battery level, and output usage.

5- BLUETTI EB150 Solar Generator

The BLUETTI brand is working for over 10 years with experience in the industry of energy storage. After the hardship of 10 years, they can have a great accumulation of customers. This is a time when the BLUETTI products are liked by over 500,000 users that are from all over the world.

After this kind of appreciation, BLUETTI is bringing more high-quality products for solar generators. That`s the reason that their solar generators are professional, reliable, and stable storage products.

The solar generators of the model EB150 have 4 Kickstands, 1 ETFE, and Hanging Ring. These all things are also durable, 5% higher efficiency, scratch proof with Better light transmittance.

This solar generator also includes 2 pieces of 120W Solar Panel and a Lithium Battery Backup which is great for grid-off living. 

Key Features
  • Portable Power Station with 2Pcs Solar Panel Bundle Package:  The BLUETTI model name EB150 generator has one Solar Power Station of 1500Wh/1000W. This also has many accessories like 2 pcs 120W foldable solar panels, one AC adapter of 200W, and one Manual. Also, it has an MC4 Charging Cable of 3m in Length and one Solar Charging Cable with DC that has a Length of 1.7m.
  • BLUETTI EB150 Power Station: The solar power station has a huge capacity of 1500Wh/1000W with a wide16-68V. This product has maximum solar input of 500W/10A. This generator also has MPPT that allows recharging from the AC wall outlet. This will takes about 3Hrs to  8Hrs charges which are always depending on the solar power which should be a maximum of 500W. So, for this purpose, this product has 2 AC outlets of 110V that can easily bear maximum load.
  • BLUETTI 120W Solar Panel:  The BLUETTI has a 120 W solar panel that is 5% more efficient monocrystalline as compared to the traditional one. Because this is made of high-quality monocrystalline silicon cells. This solar panel also has light transmittance with great durability. These solar panels are scratch-proof and easily cleaned with a wet cloth.
  • Solar Recharge time: This product has a wide open circuit voltage that ranges from 16-68V for great charging time. But for the best charging, I recommend that you can connect at least 2pcs of the solar panel of the SP120 model for about 9.5-10hrs fully recharge. But, you can also have 4pcs in parallel for 5-7hrs fully recharge which depends upon you.
  • Durable & 2500+ Cycle Life: This generator is Built-in automobile-level and has a 3C high-rate battery cell with a multi-protection Battery Management System. So, with this design and battery life, you will never face a short circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, or overheating overload and give you protection for long period.
  • Best Battery life
  • Great and helpful
  • Has amazing Versatility in design and colour
  • Ideal for great Portability & Lightweight
  • It can power several high-wattage items for a very long time
  • Great but expensive
  • Plenty of power but a lack of documentation
Why should you use this?

Foldable design with handle, weight only 9.48lbs. It is convenient to carry around for outdoor camping. Easily adjust the angle by the kickstands for better solar absorption.

6- Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator 

Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator 

Goal Zero also has experience of over 10 years in the category of the creation of the portable power station. They are providing the best portable energy products for job, home, and grid-off use. They are making their products in the U.S with engineered precision.

As power making and saving are the things that are useful from campsites to fieldwork. So, their all products are having many features that are specially designed for real-life use in grid or grid-off places.

The Goal Zero`s model name Yeti 3000X is a great portable power station. This has a Portable Lithium Battery of 2982W/h with an emergency power station.

This generator also includes a 2000W portable AC Inverter and an outdoor portable generator. Like all generators, this also comes with solar panels to capture energy from sunlight. 

Key Features

  • Portable Power Station: This solar generator also has a powerful and portable Power station for use in homes, jobs places, and road trips. This power station also includes seven versatile port options. These allow you to run anything like refrigerators, wood-fired grills, and electric bikes.
  • Best Powerful Backup Experience: The power backup of this generator is a powerful experience that will be Increased to 2000W AC to allow you to make brew coffee.  You can also use it for power phones, portable fridges, and tablets to stay connected. With the help of power tools, you can also handle even full-size refrigerators and medical devices.
  • Three Ways to Charge: The generator offers you three ways of charging. You can charge it through any 600-watt wall outlet in six hours,  any 230-watt wall outlet to charge in 14 hours, and from your car with the 12-volt adapter.
  • Power in the Palm of Your Hand:  This is like power in the palm of your hand due to the feature of controlling the monitor. This is also a remote control so, you can control it from anywhere with the Yeti App 3.0. This remote control has Features of power in or out, and consumption notifications of real-time power. This also controls the charging profiles of battery life for optimization.
  • This is a Goal Zero: This is a goal Zero pane which means that you can use a pane for the fastest charging. This is also a great option for charging things with the help of these generators.
  • Easy to use
  • Gas-free power for camping
  • Also safe home backup
  • Powerful and portable power station
  • Customer service is not amazing.
Why should you use this?

You should use this product for this feature of 7 Different Port Options. Because this solar generator has a powerful but wide range of devices with the option of seven different ports. These options include multiple USB-A ports, fast-charging 60W USB-C Power Delivery, regulated 12V, and two 120V AC ports.

7- SinKeu 100W Portable Solar Generator

Sinkeu is a solar generator factory that was founded in Feb 2012. This was founded by a group of young engineers. They are very dedicated to making reliable power by extending our electronic device’s operating time. These all products of SinKeu are considered reliable, affordable, and simple.

This SinKeu brand has a 100W portable Solar Generator. This solar generator also has a 40W foldable solar charger. The foldable charger is also used with USB & 12-15V DC output. This is an ideal and super-travel portable battery pack. This solar generator also provides a power station for HP, Mac Book, Notebooks, cell phones, and Laptops.

Key Features

  • Package Includes: This generator has a great package that includes a 100W Portable Power Station with one 40W Solar Panel. This also has one 10-in-1 Connect Cable, one User Manual, and one DC-to-DC Cable. They also offer you 24/7 customer service.
  • Portable and kickstand design: This Product has a folded size of 13.3 x 11 x 2inches that also has a 40W solar panel of weighs about 4.2lb. So, this is amazing for outdoor work, camping, and charging all kinds of cell phones.
  • USB outputs support: This generator has a Solar Charger with 2 Output Ports for Different Usage with USB outputs that support amazing charging.
  • Under strong light charged in 5 to 7 hours
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Foldable Device
  • Rapid customer service
  • Support all devices under 100-watt
  • AC can’t work while the power station is recharging
  • The output power will be affected by factors
Why should you use this?
You should use this product due to its Quick charge feature. Because this generator power station supports a QC3.0 USB port that can help you to charge different devices faster without any harm. This generator also has a power station status in LCD.

8- Renogy Solar generator for Off-Grid

Renogy brand is working since 2010 to change the way of uses energy in the world. They are removing all barriers to energy independence and sustainable living. This brand committing to making an amazing impact on 50M people to maintain their empowerment life in energy independence.

The Renogy also provides a portable power station that contains a Solar Generator of 222W/h and two 120V/200W AC Outlets. This also has 60W USB-C PD Output. The lightweight Lithium Backup Battery is also available for pass-through Charging for Outdoor, Home Emergencies, and Camping.

Key Features

  • Light and Compact: This will give you power wherever you want through a PHOENIX 200 which is also the lightest portable power station. This product weighs only 5.3 pounds with a capacity of 222W/h.
  • Industry-Leading Recharging Speed: This PHOENIX 200 solar generator has an industry-leading recharge speed that can easily charge up to 80% in about 1.5 hours. When you want to charge an AC and USB-C then this will be charged at its maximum power. This generator gives 4 recharging methods that are USB-C, AC, car, and solar.
  • Charging 6 Devices at the same time: You can charge 6 devices at a time with this amazing solar generator 2 AC power outlets, 1 USB-C port,1 CIG port, and 2 USB-A fast charging ports.
  • High-Quality material
  • Easy to install
  • Customize and high quality
  • Comes in handy for outdoor
  • Great backup power
  • Great Durability with Value for money
  • Best for only 60W USB-C PD Outputs
Why should you use this?
You should use this product due to its feature of Intelligence and Convenient. Because you can protect Electronic Devices due to their Intelligent and Convenient feature. Because with the help of this LCD it can tell you the recent information about battery level, estimated recharging time, and input and output power.


What size generator do I need for the off-grid?

Generally, the best size for an off-grid should be about 2 times greater than the size of the inverter's continuous output. For example, if there is an inverter that is 4,000W inverter then this can be used with an 8,000W generator.

What is the most powerful portable solar generator?

The most powerful portable solar generator is Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro which is great for outdoor use. This solar generator has the biggest and most powerful power station that provides 2,160 W/h of power. You can use this for many days for outdoor trips.

What is the best solar generator for off-grid living?

In my recommended list the best product of solar generator for off-grid living is Jackery Solar Generator Explorer 24. But all products of the Jackery always remain considerable.

Can you live off the grid with a solar generator?

Yes, you can live off the grid with solar generators. Because this is amazing for emergency backup and daily life tasks. This is also ideal for recharging batteries and power electronics.


Solar generators are very important for the nowadays requirements. Because the other resources of electricity are becoming very expensive as compared to the solar resource of energy.

As many people are fond of camping, grid-off living, and road trips then many solar generators are available in markets. But, You should know about the best solar generators for off-grid living.

According to my recommendation, you should use Jackery Solar Generator Explorer 24. Because this product has great features this is lightweight, less noisy, best for outdoor trips, and ideal for working out. I use this and I found it amazing for grid-off use. 

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