Can A Solar Generator Power A House

Can a solar generator power a house? What if at the midnight, you are writing an important assignment for your office? But, all of sudden the electricity goes down? Now you have to make an excuse that saves your job.

In today’s era, technology gets advanced and you always have alternatives. I am presenting a solution to this problem. With this, you do not have to deal with such issues anymore. Here, we are talking about none other than a solar generator. With solar generators, many appliances can run without any power outrage.

Can a solar generator power a house

Yes, you can use a solar generator to power the house. In fact, a solar generator provides energy that has low maintenance costs on its power source. Solar generators are powered by sunlight and convert this sunlight into electricity.

It composes of several components placed inside your house. Its components convert sunrays energy into direct current and after going further in process make changes and produces power for your appliances. You can use any small, medium, or large appliances with a solar generator.

In today’s market, you see a huge variety of solar generators. Solar generators are available in different sizes that are suitable for different places. Different sizes of solar generators run different numbers of appliances.  In this article, I’ll describe to you which size of solar generator is best for your house in easy steps.

Steps for sizing your house with a solar generator

Now, I will explain to you how a solar generator can power a house. You need to choose the right solar generator for your house appliances and devices. For this myth, I have some steps that clarify what size of the solar generator is best for you.

These steps include:

1. Determining your needs for powering a house:

In this step, you have to choose which appliances you want to run on a solar generator. Moreover, which appliances will not run on your solar generator?

Therefore, the first thing you have is to write all your appliances and devices you want to run on the solar generator. Write down your appliance’s names and their total quantities. This will help you in selecting the required size of solar generator.

For example, you have 10 led light bulbs and you only want four of them used with a solar generator. Therefore, you will write four led light bulbs.

The second thing you have to do is write down those appliances and devices that are not allowed to run on the solar generator.

For example, you have a refrigerator and do not want to run on a solar generator. Like this, you write down all appliances and devices you are not looking to utilize with solar power.

2. Determining your solar generator size for powering your house

This second and last step plays a vital role in selecting the solar generator size for your house. In this step, you have to write all those appliances watts that you mention in the above step.

Each appliance and device use a specific amount of watts to turn on. That is why you need to mention or write the watts of each appliance. For example, your different appliances use different watts.

For example, you have 10 led light bulbs and want four of them to use on a solar generator. Each led light bulb uses 7 watts to run. Multiplies your watts with quantities to know the exact watts of 4 led light bulbs. Now, add all your needed appliance total wattage. For this 7 x 4= 28 watts.

With these watts, you have an idea of which size of solar generator is suitable for you. Make sure, you choose big size of solar generator greater than your appliance’s watts. By this, your appliance or devices efficiently work on solar panel power.

Main factors to consider while choosing solar generator:

The following are other factors you need to consider while buying a whole-house solar generator.

  • The Capacity of the Battery:

You have to purchase a high-capacity battery that store and provides you energy when powering breakage. The large-capacity battery will increase the efficiency of the solar generator. The more battery capacity it has, the generators can work smoothly.

  • Surge Power Capacity:

This will let you know how much electricity your solar generator system is capable of instantly supplying to your loads. It relates to motors, which can produce a rapid electric current flow. Verify that the small motor has a surge power usage lower than the maximum surge inverter rating.

  • Higher Inverter Rating:

For a solar generator, you need to buy a higher-rating inverter. The maximum number of watts you may draw from a solar generator at any particular time is determined by the inverter rating on the generator.

  • Portability:

A solar generator must be portable. Because the portability of the device will reduce your workload. You have to put in the extra effort while moving it from place to place. You will not feel muscle stiffness while handling solar generators. For portability, the device should be light weighted and comes up with rolling wheels.


Can solar panels charge with the moonlight?

Technically, yes, your solar panels generate electricity with the moonlight when the sky shines and no clouds appear. Only 0.3 percent of the energy is produced with a full moon shine.

How much time your solar generator can take for charging?

The charging of the solar generator depends on the generator's battery. Also charging of solar generators depends on many other factors like input capacity, amount of sunlight, and positions of solar panels. Therefore, it takes 2-48 hours for a solar generator to fully charge.

What is the lifetime of an average solar generator?

The maximum age of a solar generator is 35 years if you have the best brand product. However, if you use a normal brand solar generator, it works not more than 25 years. You also have to buy a brand new solar generator with a warranty because if there is any issue in the start, you may fix it.

What size of your solar generator run all your household appliances?

A solar generator that runs all your house appliances between 7000 to 10000 watts. With this, you use almost every household item with your generator. This size of solar generator power the whole house.

Is choosing a solar generator for the house costly?

Yes, your solar generator for the house is costly. Because the solar generator is a combination of some components. These components make your overall solar generator costly.


I use a solar generator for powering my house. With this, I can easily use my house appliances and devices without interruption. This is best in areas where electricity shortages or issues like load shedding happen often.

In the above article, you get answers about how you can power a house using a solar generator. And most importantly what factors should be considered for buying a solar generator. If you have any questions related to how can a solar generator power a house, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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