How To Choose My Portable Solar Charger

How To Choose My Portable Solar Charger. A portable solar charger is a must for outdoor areas. These are used to charge smartphones, tablets, laptops and many more devices. This is the best option for using a portable solar charger because now you don’t need to tense about the power devices or electricity supply.

How To Choose My Portable Solar Charger

The portable solar charger is a device that converts the energy of sunlight into electricity. It can be charged by plugging into the devices, but also by connecting it to the solar panel. In this article, we’ll discuss the types of solar chargers and also their guidelines for choosing portable solar chargers. So, keep reading this article.

Types of solar chargers

There are different types of portable solar chargers available with their unique design. Here we’ll discuss the main portable solar chargers. These are:

  • Panel-only chargers
  • Panels with integrated battery chargers
  • Panels with separate battery chargers

Panel-only chargers

A panel-only charger is a unique form of the solar charger which contain only one panel and power device. This solar charger does not store the power in another outlet. So, they directly provide power to your smartphones, laptops, tablets and power bank.

Panel with integrated battery chargers

Panels with integrated battery chargers contain solar panels, batteries and battery packs which make it an all-in-one device. These solar panels catch the sunlight and store this energy for future use. It has a useful design that helps to charge the devices when the sun disappears. These portable panels are easy to handle. You can carry them with you to any of your desired places.

Panels with separate battery chargers

Panels with separate battery chargers allow you to keep the separate battery without carrying the solar panel with it. You need to charge the battery with its solar panel so that when you go for a long distance, this battery storage power is enough to charge your devices without its solar panel. This will helps you to only carry the battery by leaving the solar panels at home.

Buying guide for portable solar charger

For choosing a portable solar charger, read these guidelines carefully.

1. Select a charger with the right wattage

Wattage is an essential element of a portable solar charger because you may need to charge your powerful devices. It is necessary to choose a charger with sufficient wattage to charge your devices easily. If you select a charger with low wattage then it might result in damaging your devices and your devices will not properly get charged. While buying a solar charger for your devices, you should know about the wattage of your desired charger.

2. Choose a durable portable solar charger

Durability is an important constituent when buying trustworthy solar chargers. While getting you a solar charger to charge various devices; you should better check the ability of the charger to tolerate any kind of damage.

You can also take a charger with enough durability for outdoor activities to charge your solar panels. Plus, you should buy a waterproof charger because it will prevent your charger from watering and it will remain for a long period.

3. Purchase the right adapters

You need the right adapter to charge your various devices efficiently. As you know that your smartphones and laptops are charged with different adapters. Portable solar chargers contain different adapters that work with other well-known adapters such as mini USB adapters.

As solar USB chargers need extra apparatuses to work with your device. But, these solar portable chargers don’t need any additional tools to connect with the device. Portable Solar panels can charge different devices like MP3 player adapters and AC adapters etc.

You should keep this in your mind while buying an adapter that can charge your different devices, so you don’t need to buy an extra adapter for the device.

4. Know about the options for your device

You can use portable solar chargers in numerous ways as these chargers can work as AC and USB adapters. Briefly, you can plug the adapter into your laptops, and tablets and your devices get charged with the kept solar power.

You should use adapters that are reasonably beneficial and can work efficiently, such that you can store the solar power in your devices for future use.

5. Learn the warning signs of your devices

You should read the information which is given on the packaging of your device; it tells you how to avoid the damages which may occur to your device. You should not overdo the number of devices that can get plugged into your device. Otherwise, it can harm your device. So, you need to take good care of your device so that it will run for a long time.

6. Use your electronic devices at anyplace

Portable solar panels make sure the use of electronic devices wherever you want to use them. In other words, you will not be concerned about charging the device. Such devices play an important role in those people’s lives that are dependent on their smartphones.

Before getting awareness about portable solar chargers, everyone charge their devices with generators to make them work in difficult situations, but this damaged their devices. They gave up on generators as an electricity source because it was difficult to carry them. Later on, portable solar panels were introduced and it was found far better than that generators.

7. Charging speed

The thing you must keep in your mind while buying a solar charger is the charging speed. Their batteries are charged by the power which is measured in volts. So, battery charge speed depends on power production. It means that if you’re charging the battery in full sunlight, then it will charge fully in a short time.

Otherwise, it takes more time to charge. Plus, solar power kits are available which provide sufficient power to retain the devices with full power. You should choose the charger that requires maximum wattage for smaller charge periods.

8. Size and weight

Most solar chargers are lightweight which are specially designed for portability. These are easy to use and handle. Solar chargers store more power and provide you with the luxury to enjoy your journey without worrying about charging.

So, it is a great option for your long travel because it gets more energy from the sun. You should select the big surface of solar panels because it absorbs maximum light.

While using portable solar panels for the first time, you may face several difficulties but you can avoid such miss happenings by following the above instructions.


How do I know what size solar charger I need?

It is simple to know the size of your solar charger. You need to divide the complete watts of your solar panel by the total voltage of the storage device. Hence, you will get the size or output of your charge regulator.

Can solar chargers damage the battery?

Yes, it is possible when you overcharge the battery. So, you need to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Plus, you should remove them from the charger when they are fully charged.

What happens to solar when batteries are full?

When the batteries are fully charged, they don’t absorb the power from the solar panels. These panels continuously capture the energy from the sun but this energy is not used or stored in the devices till they have space.


Portable solar chargers are the best choice for long-range travelling. These chargers can easily charge your devices effectively. If you are looking for how to choose a portable solar charger then read this article. In this article, I have explained the different panels and guidelines to select the best solar charger. Read my article once, hope it will help you.

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