How To Fix Predator 3500 Inverter Generator Problems

All people of the world want that the place where we are living would be perfect. They also do not want need to get faced with breaking down and repairing. But this is a modern world in which we need many devices for our daily life uses. Sometimes all these things can be troubleshot due to any cause. That`s why we have to Fix the Problems through the best methods that will become a helping hand for us. And, In this article, I will tell you how To Fix Predator 3500 Inverter Generator Problems.

How to fix predator 3500 inverter generator problems

In this article, I will tell you the problems first and then the solution to them which will be based on my personal experience. You should have general knowledge about predator 3500 inverter generator problems. Because this will save you embarrassment sometime while repairing it from a repair shop.

As we know the predator 3500 inverter generator is the best and most popular product of the predator. But this also happens that any product of predators has to face problems that needed to be fixed. So, in this article, there are many problems and the solutions are discuses which will help you to recognize and then solve your problem.

Problems And Their Solutions:  

1. If Your Generator retains the Problem of Shutting Down

This is the most common problem that lots of users face. In this issue, the inverter generator shuts down even if you are using it for your needs. I can understand that this is a problem in which you are facing an annoying situation. Many reasons are causing this problem. So, now you should do different steps to fix it.

Solution: You have to check all parts of the generator that are useful for smooth starting and working. You should check the coolant levels because sometimes it can be shut down due to overheating. Also, check that the generator is perfectly working or it is working being overloaded. This is a device that is designed for small-scale motorhomes which is reason that this cannot handle too much load. So, switch off all less-needed devices to fix that problem.
2. Overheating of Generator

The second most occurring issue is overheating of the generator. As I told you above that this generator is not for heavy loads of power that’s why it causes overheating. Overheating is a problem that will surely damage the product. In this situation, it will reach that point where it will never start and then work.

Solution: The solution to this problem is discussed above you should shut down devices and release some load from the generator. This solution will work but if not then it might be possible that you have placed your generator in a non-ventilated area. Air circulation is very important in this condition to prevent overheating. So, if you do not have a place like this then use a fan that will be placed near the device to cool it down. I ensure you that for a better result this solution will work.
3. If the Generator is Not Starting

There is another problem if your generator is not starting. Sometimes this is caused by its empty fuel tank. If you do not refill your fuel properly then it may cause this problem immediately. This is also the reason for stopping the generator if there is any problem or blockage in the pipelines of the generator.

Solution: For the solution, you should make sure the fuel tank is filled with fuel. But for the blockage, you should clean or remove all debris from the fuel pipeline with proper maintenance requirements. For cleaning, you should remove fuel first and then clean it from the inside with special and related cleaning solutions. After cleaning refill it with fuel and if your does not has related information for cleaning the pipeline then call a professional to clean it.
4. Low Levels of Oil 

When the levels of the oil are low as the required level then this will cause an issue. Due to this, the Predator 3500 inverter generator does not start or this may show low efficiency in working. Most generators of Predator are coming with sensors for oil levels that will help you to track the quantity of oil. If this generator has a low level of oil then this will sense it stops working. But do not worry this is a function of the sensor to disable maximum damage.

Solution: If the level of oil is too low then you should keep its level up by maintaining or placing its level surface. You should keep filling the oil to get started your generator again. Always use the best and related oil to maximize the function of the generator.
5. If the Generator is Out Of Gas

The lacking gas in the tank also causes a problem with the generator’s functioning. Somehow it is also possible that due to the lack of gas the generator is not starting. The old gas also never let the generator start.

Solution: So, For solution always remain to check gas quantity and quality.  Make sure this point before using that your fuel tank is full.  You should also keep changing the fuel in the tank because the oil gas is not a good source to use. Because this is a safe method to prevent damage and impurities from the generator.
6. If Generator Fuel Valves Are Clogged

If your generator is full of fuel but still not starting then it may be due to any clogging in the fuel valves. As the Fuel calves are an important part of the generator’s inner fuel system. These valves help to control this thing that where and how fuel is travelling. But if there is any hurdle or clog in the way from the tank to other parts of the generator then it will disturb the pathway for fuel movement. As a result, the generator got stuck to start.

Solution: Firstly open up the valve of the vacuum relief which is on side of the generator. Depart the outlet hose from the fuel valve side. Take a look and check that the fuel is still moving in the hose. But if you see any clog here then take out that hose and clean it properly. Take it and put it back inside in its place. Now, Check the working of the fuel system. If this is not working fine then you must contact a professional to check it.
7. If the Batteries of Generators are Dead

The last possible reason is that the batteries are dead and not working. As the predator generator has a function that can easily switch on any one of two ways.   So, you can either switch on it or off switch it. And this is a function that is running because of the battery. But If these batteries will die then your generator stop working.

Solution: If your generator has a dead battery issue then replace it after a few months of use. Always purchase high-quality batteries for your generator which will be long lasting.
8. If any part of the generator fails to work properly

All problems and solutions that I describe above are common in most cases but this is not true that the predator 3500 inverter generator can face only these problems. It may cause problems if there is any problem in its parts.

Solution: So, for this problem, you should call a professional to check it thoroughly with their experience and tell you a real reason and its solution to fix it.


How long will a predator 3500 run on propane?

The predator brands 3500 generators featuring Volt Guard and Cold Start Technology can easily run 9 to 10.5 hours on propane.

Are predator generators made by Honda?

No, the predator generators are not made by Honda. Because these are made by a company named Harbor Freight Tools which is located in the United States.

Why Does My Predator Generator Keep Dying?

Your generator is keep dying due to many reasons like overheating, overloading, lack of fuel, and clogging the fuel valve.

Does The Predator 3500 Have a Fuel Shut Off?

Yes, in this model the Predator 3500 has a Fuel Shut Off. Because this generator is designed like this. Safety and protection are the priority of this brand. So, they added this safety feature for you.


There are many ways are discussed in this article to fix the problems of the predator 3500 inverter generator. All these are basic and general issues that many generators are facing.

As this generator is one of the most powerful and long-lasting but you should follow the given steps to maintain it. So, you should fix it immediately before any kind of damage occur. But if you see any big problem then take it seriously and take your generator to a repair shop.

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