Predator Vs Honda generators – Comparison and Guidelines

Predator Vs Honda generators. Both are the most famous portable generators. Both generators have high-quality performance that increases their runtime, reduces noise, and gives greater reliability to run for a long time. Both generators are best for use in the home or outdoor areas. These generators have backup power which helps more when the light goes off.

Predator Vs Honda generators

Honda and predator generators are the same brands but quite different, so it is very difficult to decide which generator is best for you. We help you to choose the best one from both, that meet your need. Let’s compare both of them, to check which one is the most satisfactory and more robust.

Honda generator:

Honda is a reputable brand that is famous for its build quality and long last nature. Specifically, the Honda generators are well known due to their portability. But other than this, it gets highlighted in the market because of its engine quality.

These generators create hype in the market and become reputable from the rest of all. The one important factor that boosts the sale of this brand generator is the quiet level. These generators are more famous for their quieter and softer nature of work.

Honda Generators Specifications: 

  • Portability: The Honda generator has two sturdy recessed wheels and a folding & fixed handle by which you can easily move around. These generators are easy to move because of their compact size wheels. These compact wheels allow you to move it from place to place. You don’t worry about its portability. These generators will not mark strain on your muscles while transporting them from place to place. That way, it is best for camping and outdoor activities. Honda generator provides ease in pushing, pulling, and dragging across the roads or gross.
  • Engine Type:  These generators work with a 4- stroke engine. This engine made an easy startup of these generators. You don’t have to put any extra effort into switching on. The engine of the Honda generators runs so swiftly that will not break any appliance working.
  • Built-quality:  The honda generators are long last due to their built quality. They are made of sturdy materials. Due to this, these generators are easy to carry for outdoor activities. You don’t have to worry about the generator body damage.
  • Warranty: Honda Company offers a 3-year limited warranty for the whole generator including the engine and other parts.
  • Quietness: The most important factor that made it significant from the rest of all brands is its noise level.  The Honda generator has 50 dB. So, these generators are quieter as compared to predator generators. These generators are much quieter and run swiftly. These are best for those areas that are the coldest places.

Pros of Honda generators

  • These are famous for their reliability and remain functional in long run. This is your one-time investment. You don’t need to replace it after every season.
  • These are economical-friendly products due to their superior fuel efficiency technology. The Honda generator has a 1.6-gallon tank that runs for 7 hours.
  • The incredible advantage of the Honda generators is the engine works so smoothly that you will not hear too much noise. It works with low decibel levels and is super friendly for the coldest areas.

Cons of Honda generator

  • The one thing that I personally don’t like is the power capacity. Sometimes, it will be problematic when more equipment is run on it simultaneously. Moreover, it needs proper coverage and protection from weather fluctuations.

Predator generator:

Harbor Freight is the owner of the predator brand. These generators are the most popular and reliable of their engines and provide high-quality performance at an affordable price. Predators offer a 2-year warranty on its engine and 90 days warranty on its other parts.

In contrast to Honda, the predator generators are not in line with it because of its least specifications like they are louder. But, through Customer report analysis, we came to know that still users purchase it happily due to its budget-friendly nature,

Predator Generators Specifications: 

Most of the Predator generator specifications are pretty similar to Honda generators. Performance depends on their feature, specifications, and their noise level. However, their specifications are the same but the noise level of both these generators is quite different. As the predator generator has a 57db noise level, but the Honda generator has 50 dB

Price: The predator generator has the lowest price. At the same time, Honda generators have high prices usually a few hundred dollars as compared to predator generators. It usually varies on their vendors. Moreover, if you want a generator that runs for a longer time, then the Honda generator will best choice for you. Honda generators have high prices but will run for many years.

Fuel: Normally, the generators run on gas, diesel or propane gas. The run time of any generator depends on its fuel tank capacity, and how much fuel the tank store. If the tank has a large size, it will store more fuel and run for a longer time but it increases the weight of the entire generator. The predator generator has a 2.6-gallon tank that runs for 11 hours. On the other hand, the Honda generator has a 1.6-gallon tank that runs for 7 hours. So, Honda generators are on top in running time.

Built-quality: The predator generators are fabricated with sturdy quality materials. The predator generator has four integrated castors and a handle. The parts of these generators are hard enough that you don’t need any extra care or maintenance while using them. Moreover, the frame of these generators is fixed with strong welds. You can fix it by just screwing it.

Pros of Predator generators

  • These are durable and long last due to their manufacturing quality. Along with this, it is famous for its inverter technology.
  • In comparison to Honda, these are also working on quiet technology. But there is a slight difference between their noise level.
  • They are portable with their improbable weight quality. These can easily drag and pull to place it at the desired location.

Cons of Predator generators

  • Some of the models come up with smaller fuel tanks.

Let’s compare the products of these two brands individually.

1. Honda EU3000IS portable power generator

Honda EU3000IS portable power generator

Honda EU3000IS portable power generator provides high wattage about 2800 watts. It consumes 120 volts of voltage to provide 3000 output watts which help to run for 20 hours. Honda portable power generator comes in steel material and has a gasoline-powered source. It has a large tank that stores 3.4-gallon fuel and the overall item weight becomes 144 pounds.

Honda advanced generators can transport from home to outdoor areas. These efficient portable generators are more versatile, as they can drive a wide range of machines such as TVs, computers, washing machines, lights, fans, etc. These generators are super quiet usually having 49 to 58db noise level which offers to do work silently.

These generators provide great fuel efficiency that will run overnight. This advanced inverter technology runs reliable power for sensitive appliances. Honda generators automatically shut down when the fuel or oil is running low.


  • Less noise level
  • Lightweight
  • Fuel efficient
  • portable
  • Easy to maintain


  • Sometimes, Plug gets a spark

2. Predator 3500 Watt inverter generator

Predator 3500 Watt inverter generator

A Predator 3500 generator has advanced inverter technology. It uses 3500 watts of wattage and consumes 12 volts of voltage with a 60 Hz frequency. Moreover, it included a battery to provide nonstop performance for about 11 hours. Predator 3500 has a gasoline power source with 25% capacity.

Predator comes in an electronic type of about 99.2 pounds of weight. This generator has 4-stroke gas engines with a displacement of 212 cubic centimetres. In addition, the predator generator contains (a 30) amp inverter that is easy to run on any appliance.

Predator generators use digital LCD screens with short oil and output light displays. These generators contain smooth rolling casters which provide luxury to move around.

This powerful inverter generator is suitable for home, camping, and outdoor areas. So, it is best for campsites as it has 57db noise level.120V AC grounded vent, twist lock vent, and dc-12v two-pin vents are included in it.


  • Quick and easy starting
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Less noise level
  • Budget-friendly


  • Limited warranty
  • A little bit difficult to move

Predator Vs Honda generators: Which one is best?

In a comparison Predator Vs Honda generators, it’s hard to give credit to a  single one. The reason behind this is, both brands are competitive and famous for their own specifications. But to choose one of them, the criteria are given below.

Honda is in lead with size, weight and low noise level. It is also top of the list due to its reliability and long-term use. While predator is someone that controls the operating time and the tank vol.

Predator generators are more budget-friendly than Honda generators. But, the higher price means you will get a higher quality product. Honda generators are a bit pricy but the build quality and efficiency of these generators are proficient. Both are compact in size which makes them comfortable to carry and transportable.

On Comparing the products of these two brands,  Honda EU3000IS portable power generator is the best choice as these generators run for a longer time. The generator has a large fuel tank, which helps to run for more hours compared to the predator generator. These generators have wheels that provide ease of moving around. In addition, these are less noisy as compared to predator generator


Is Predator a good brand of generator?

Predator is one of the more popular brands, and they offer various generators at different price points. Predator generators are well-known due to their high performance with a low budget. These generators provide luxury to run for home and outdoor areas with a limited warranty. Predator generator is portable and has less noise level as compared to other generators. If you just need a generator for occasional use, then Predator might be a good option. However, if you need a generator for heavy-duty use, then you might want to consider a different brand.

Why are Honda generators so much money?

Honda generators are well-known for their quality and reliability. There are several reasons why Honda generators cost more than other brands. First, Honda generators are built with high-quality materials and components. This means they are built to last and can withstand heavy use. Second, Honda generators are known for their fuel efficiency. This means they will save you money in the long run by using less fuel. Finally, Honda generators come with a warranty, so you can be confident in your purchase. So, while Honda generators may cost more upfront, they are worth the investment because of their quality, reliability, and fuel efficiency.

Will an inverter generator run an air conditioner?

Yes, it can. Inverter generators are often used to power air conditioners in RVs and other vehicles. However, before you purchase an inverter generator, make sure to check the running watts and starting watts of the air conditioner you want to power. You will need a generator that can provide enough power to start and run the air conditioner.


In this article, I have explained Predator Vs Honda generators to decide which one is best and which requirement they fulfil. Both these generators are similar in look-wise but have a little difference which depends on their performance. If you have difficulties selecting of best one. Go, and read the article thoroughly.

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