Solar Panel Cleaning: 5 Steps To Follow

Sometimes people buy a solar system, set them for their places and forget it. They do not pay attention to solar panel cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, their solar system output performance becomes low. It also decreases its lifespan. That’s the reason, cleaning solar panels is an important practice. And if you have a solar system, you must read the following article.

Solar Panel Cleaning:

Solar panels are used to get solar energy.” What if they contain lots of debris? Is it work properly?”  No panel won’t work properly. This decreases solar system proficiency, durability and performance.

In this article, I give you expertise on how can you clean your solar panels. This is easy and comprises simple steps. I follow these steps for my house solar panels. These steps work well and give me good outcomes. Hence, I advise these steps for your solar panels.

Steps for Cleaning Solar Panels:

The followings are the steps that will properly clean your solar panels:

1. Remove debris from solar panel tops:

Debris includes dirt, dust, dry leaves and even bird dropping. First, you need to use a soft brush and clean the debris from the panel. Clean panels with soft hands because solar panels are sensitive. Hard cleaning may destroy it. After removing debris, now you need a soft towel. Dip a soft towel in little warm water and then clean the solar panels. Then clean this towel and repeat the procedure until you will not see the solar panel’s clean surface.

Tips: Turn off your solar system before cleaning

2. Spray water on panels:

After removing debris on top of the solar panel, it’s time to clean it with water. Water cleaning is an important step and you cannot ignore it. Use a garden water hose and spray water on the solar panel. Make sure you spray water with slow pressure. Gently clean panels with water. Make sure that all solar panel plates are wet.

Tips: Avoid cold or warmer water

3. Scrub the solar panel with a soft brush:

Now you use your dishwasher soap and mix it well with lukewarm water. You can use detergent instead of dish soap. Then pour it on top of solar panels. Use a soft brush or towel and clean the surface with soft hands. Do this until the solar panel starts making shine.

Tips: Do not rub panels so hard.

4. Clean and dry:

Now you use water again and remove soap. Do this until all soap will be removed properly. You may use your hands for this purpose. When you are done cleaning it with water. Let it be completely, you may use a clean cloth or let it dry with sunlight.

5. Monitor it:

When your solar panels get completely dry, now you need to check it working. Whether it working properly or not. Plugin and turn on your solar system and see if they still working properly. However, if they work normally that means you clean them well. Hence, it times to appreciate yourself.

Benefits of Cleaning Solar Panels:

Cleaning solar panels has many benefits. This process will increase solar panels’ performance and reduce their maintenance cost. Below are some basic benefits of cleaning solar panels.


Cleaning solar panels increase their durability. Although, cleaning those panels once a time in a year can increase their lifespan. Regular cleaning enhanced system working and performance. This also reduces maintenance costs and time. Therefore, solar panels’ light lifespan gets increases.  In addition, this makes panels more durable.


Mostly, debris reduces the solar panel’s efficiency. Panels get dirty because they continuously gain debris from the atmosphere. Dry leaves and bird dropping also reduce the panel’s efficiency. However, regular maintenance improves their efficiency and enhanced system output.

Low maintenance cost:

solar panel regular cleaning decreases its maintenance cost. Regular cleaning protects it from severe damage. And also increase its lifespan. Dirty solar panels won’t last for a long time. And you need to buy a new one. Regular cleaning helps you in protecting your investment.


What if lightning strikes your solar panels?

Basically, lightning is not attracted to your solar panels. But if lightning strikes your solar panels, then there is a chance that solar panels will get damaged. Although, lightning can make the whole system unserviceable. Afterwards, lightning melts solar panel parts. And causes severe damage to the solar system machinery. Hence, lightning strikes also make high currents that make the solar system overheat.

How often do solar panels need cleaning?

You can clean your solar panels one time a year. Cleaning solar panels after every six months improves their output energy. Although, its performance will also increase. Cleaning solar panels is a good technique and you can do it by yourself with household items. Also, you can call a professional if you can’t clean them on your own.

Using a pressure washer to clean solar panels is good?

No, you cannot use a pressure washer for cleaning your solar panels. Because a pressure washer is good for house exterior cleaning. Pressure washer used for cleaning hard surfaces. Research shows that solar panels are sensitive and do not recommend hard cleaning. Because it will damage its plates and sometimes it stopped working.


Cleaning solar panels is a good practice and also maintains your solar system. This supports increasing its lifespan and reducing maintenance costs. In this article, I describe cleaning solar panels. I write some steps that work well for my place solar panels. This increases solar panel lifespan and efficiency. For more detail read the above article in detail. After reading this article, you can easily clean your house solar panels yourself. If you have any queries related to this topic, feel free to contact me.


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